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Investment & FAQ's

Where are you located?

Mood Photo & Video services all of Southern California and have been commissioned for events worldwide, including Italy, Mexico, Greece, Thailand, the UK, and destinations around the United States. Destination weddings and pre-wedding photo shoots in other countries are always a great interest of ours so let us know if you'd like more information on those services.  Our studio is located at 355 Bristol Street #M, Costa Mesa CA 92626.


What makes your studio different?

Clients are drawn to Mood for a number of reasons.  The main reason is we are always pushing the boundaries of modern wedding photography in hopes to create not just snapshots but artwork.  We want to capture emotional images that tell a story rather than just run around firing off a bunch of images.  Here are some other reasons:

1.  Emotion.  Our photographers are proficient in reading family dynamics and skilled at bringing families together regardless of the strengths or weaknesses in each family.  We don't just wait for emotional moments to happen, we create them using structured shoots throughout the day.

2.  Lighting Experts.  It does't matter what the lighting conditions are, we will produce artwork.  If the natural light is beautiful, we will use it and shape it.  If there is poor lighting, we will create it using off camera lighting that can create mood, drama, and/or clean imagery.

3.  Extensive Planning.  Everything prior to your event is planned.  The shoots, the time of the shoots, the locations, etc.  We will let you know the red flags we see with your preliminary itinerary and will work with you to produce a photographic itinerary that helps the flow of the day go much smoother.

4.  Top of the line technology.  We currently use the Phase One IQ250, the Nikon D4S, the Nikon D810 and Broncholor lighting.  This ensures that we are prepared for a variety of lighting situations and still produce award winning images despite the challenges.

5.  Range of Collection Choices.  We have starter collections for the bride on a budget yet can provide a higher end experience for clients looking for the best products and photography for their event.  

6.  Experience.  Wedding photography is our only focus and we know where to be at the right time to capture the emotional images that matter most.